Life Drawing

A hand-made life-drawing sketchbook constructed from discarded drawings, cut offs and leftover grounds.  Worked on in non-chronological order rejects the expectation of seeing development or improvement.  This sketchbook is also a space to research the history and politics of life drawing and experiment with techniques. 


New Hall Art Collection

Journal of a self-guided tour of the New Hall Art Collection at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge.  It documents the information available about the modern and contemporary artist women exhibited in the collection.


Exhibition Notebook

A record of exhibitions visited and artworks seen.  The aim is to directly record new knowledge, opinions and reactions.  The writing and drawing is an automatic response to encountering art institutions and art history.


Artists in the Museum Study Day

Record of a study day at the British Museum exploring artist's responses to the museum's collection.  The lectures and discussions are transcribed as closely as possible, in case they need to be referred to again, and in order for my responses to have full context.


Architecture (Brutalism)

A sketchbook exploring how to depict the experience of architecture and the relationship between Gothic and Brutalist architecture.